Brilliant News!

I am so happy to announce that I have partnered with Norden Farm Centre of Arts in Maidenhead to deliver my painting parties in 2019! The first date is Jan 22nd and tickets should be live here soon! This is a great achievement for Twisted Art as we are on our 2nd year and going strong! We are a Maidenhead business serving the local area for the last two years! Our regulars have grown and we have a great fan base of those who keep coming back because of the overall experience and confidence gained.

We will also be at Bakedd which has proven to be a great venue and a hugely supportive owner and staff. They have also started selling wine and snacks which has been a hit with our guests.

Our next event is to paint the Snow Angel which is a beautiful painting with a winter/Christmas feel to it. A lot of shimmering wings and purples. Seems like a perfect painting to put up alongside your Christmas decorations!

Buy your tickets here:

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