About Twisted Art

Warm welcome to Twisted Art

My name is Angela and I am a Maidenhead based artist and teacher. I run monthly and soon, weekly INFORMAL art classes aimed at ADULTS!

So what is TWISTED ART?
We organise regular evening art events for adults with a TWIST – you get 2 1/2 hours to recreate a panting (with guidance!) with a drink in one hand (optional).  So this is NOT your typical art class and there is no right or wrong. There will be music, snacks and all your art materials will be provided including an 16 x 20″ canvas that you can take home. Buy your tickets and turn up on the day! Go home with your canvas and a big smile knowing you had fun and created something beautiful. Drinks are available for purchase at the venue (subject to change depending on venue).

Who is Angela?

Angela is your friendly artist and teacher who runs the business and events. How did it all start?  She wanted to be a fashion designer after she left school but her dad said NO. She decided to study graphic design which is before it was computerised. So she went through a fine art, photography, typography and copywriting for two years. While waiting for a graphic design job, she took on a role in a hotel which led into PR and eventually journalism. Art took a step back and it was only a few years ago when she took up the paintbrush again and started to create beautiful and unique art. Angela also runs a Spiritual business in Maidenhead.

Angela paints intuitively, using meditation and spirituality as inspiration. Her art represents the universe, mystical arts and energy. She likes the freedom to create art in whatever genre – be it abstract, animals, portraits or landscape.

Angela taught art to children between the ages of 6 and 16 in Malaysia. She taught them pottery painting, paintings, sketching and organised a mural painting project for them.

“Art is about expression, fun and relaxation. It shouldn’t be about perfection and precision unless you are a professional painter. I love to help people release their inner child through painting because we all grew up loving creative projects but lose it as we grow older” – Angela, Artist & Teacher

You can see more of Angela’s art here: http://angelamitchellartist.uk/